on a typical day.
Note the blog style, voting, and "deal."
Type Online/bi-weekly print
Owner(s) Advance Publications
Founded July 24, 2009
Headquarters Ann Arbor, Michigan
Circulation 28,290 Thursday
34,923 Sunday[1]
Website was an online newspaper that covered local news of Ann Arbor, Michigan and the surrounding Washtenaw County, Michigan. In 2013 was transitioned to along with Advance Publications other Michigan newspapers and renamed The Ann Arbor News.

Overview reported news both online and in print. The print version was also known as and was published on Thursdays and Sundays. It had a full-time staff of 60, 35 of which were reporters; 80 more bloggers.[2] The website had online ads known as "deals,"[3] on which users could vote to include on the Sunday print edition.[2]

As a website, was not only a news source but also a place for social interaction,[4] presenting information in a chronological blog-style format.[3] Users could register to start "conversations" and upload photos and videos.[3]

History was launched on July 24, 2009, to replace The Ann Arbor News, when Advance Publications, the parent company of the News as well as more than 20 other daily newspapers, attempted to produce a greater profit from the newspaper.[2] By downsizing the print edition from seven days a week to two, the newspaper could reduce costs, becoming more sustainable in the long run.[3] The website is part of Advance's experiment to convert its paper publications to online versions; Ann Arbor was chosen because a study found that 92% of its population was able to access online news.[4] In response to the change, one local lamented, "The [175-year-old] News was like an old friend."[2] A TIME article has compared the News to similar defunct newspapers like the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and the Rocky Mountain News.[2] In 2013 was transitioned to and renamed The Ann Arbor News.


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