Amsterdam Sloterdijk station

Amsterdam Sloterdijk
Location Netherlands
Coordinates 52°23′21″N 4°50′17″E / 52.38917°N 4.83806°E / 52.38917; 4.83806Coordinates: 52°23′21″N 4°50′17″E / 52.38917°N 4.83806°E / 52.38917; 4.83806
Operated by Nederlandse Spoorwegen
Line(s) Amsterdam–Rotterdam railway
Den Helder–Amsterdam railway
Amsterdam–Schiphol railway,
Metro line 50
Platforms 8 (train)
2 (metro)
Connections GVB Amsterdam Metro: 50
GVB Amsterdam Tram: 12
Connexxion: 82, 395
EBS: 309
GVB: 15, 36, 48, 56, 61, 69, 231, 269, 348, 369
MeinFernbus Flixbus: 011, 044, 056, 067, 068, 069, 075, 800, 802, 810, N44, N61, N67, N75, N800, X31
Other information
Station code Ass
Opened 29 May 1983

Amsterdam Sloterdijk is a major railway junction situated to the west of Amsterdam Centraal station. It is at a rail-rail crossing with an additional chord (Hemboog). It is on the railway line from Amsterdam Centraal to Haarlem and the last station before the junction where the line Amsterdam Centraal-Zaandam diverges from it, and on the crossing west branch of the Amsterdam-Schiphol railway line between Schiphol and Amsterdam Centraal. The Hemboog chord connects the crossing lines, providing a direct connection between Schiphol and Zaandam. There are platforms at both crossing lines and at the Hemboog; for the latter there is a separate entrance on another side of the station square.

There is also a metro line.


Construction of the platform on the Hemboog chord, December 2008

The original Amsterdam Sloterdijk station was opened in 1956, this was located just south of the current station. This station was for when Sloterdijk was just a small village. From here you could travel to Haarlem. In 1983 when the current station was opened, although it was only the line to Zaandam at the time, the station was called Sloterdijk Zuid and Sloterdijk Noord. This station closed in 1985 and the line was re-routed via Sloterdijk Noord. In 1986 the Amsterdam - Schiphol line was opened. The Hemboog was opened in 2003; its platforms were opened on 14 December 2008.

On 21 April 2012, two passenger trains collided head-on between Amsterdam Centraal railway station and Sloterdijk railway station, injuring 117 people. The cause of the accident is under investigation.

Station layout

At the ground level is the railway from Amsterdam to Haarlem and Zaandam, with branches to Alkmaar, Purmerend, and Hoorn; at elevated level is the railway from Amsterdam to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (and thence to Leiden and The Hague). The booking hall is at an intermediate raised level (as too, is the station square). On the south-west side of the crossing and beside the station square runs the Hemboog chord, connecting Schiphol and Amsterdam Lelylaan to Zaandam. The platforms on the Hemboog are numbered platforms 9 and 10.

Train services

The following services currently serve Amsterdam Sloterdijk:

Amsterdam Metro

Amsterdam Sloterdijk is also a station on the Amsterdam Metro line 50. This metro service was opened in 1997. It runs next to the railway line for Sloterdijk to Holendrecht.

Tram service

The tram service departs from the ground floor bus station which opened in December 2010, known as the Carrascoplein.

GVB operates 1 tram service to Sloterdijk.

Bus services

Bus services operated by GVB and Connexxion depart from the ground floor bus station which opened in December 2010, known as the Carrascoplein.

Amsterdam services

These services are operated by GVB.

Regional services

These services are operated by Connexxion.

Coach services

Since 22 October 2013, SNCF's international coach network, OUIBUS, serves Amsterdam Sloterdijk. These depart from the Orlyplein, the upper level of the station.

MeinFernbus also serves the station, operating the services to a wide variety of destinations in Germany, Belgium, France and the Czech Republic.



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