De Vlugtlaan metro station

Amsterdam De Vlugtlaan
Location Netherlands
Coordinates 52°22′46″N 4°50′17″E / 52.37944°N 4.83806°E / 52.37944; 4.83806Coordinates: 52°22′46″N 4°50′17″E / 52.37944°N 4.83806°E / 52.37944; 4.83806
Opened 1 June 1986
Closed May 2000
Preceding station   Amsterdam Metro   Following station
toward Isolatorweg
Line 50
toward Gein
Amsterdam De Vlugtlaan
Location within metro van Amsterdam

Amsterdam De Vlugtlaan is a metro station on line 50 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It was also a railway station.

Train station

The station opened on 1 June 1986 with the opening of the western section of the Amsterdam Ring railway. It was situated between Amsterdam Lelylaan and Amsterdam Sloterdijk. The station was originally to be called Burgemeester De Vlugtlaan, named after Willem de Vlugt, mayor (burgemeester) of Amsterdam from 1921 to 1941. However, the Burgemeester was eventually dropped. The station was designed by Rob Steenhuis, architect of over 10 stations in the Netherlands in the period 1982-1996.

On 1 June 1997 the metro line 50 opened next to the station and the metro stop was called De Vlugtlaan. The original construction of the railway station needed to be amended by demolishing one of the stairs leading to the railway platforms and half of the station hall.

The station closed in May 2000 due to the expansion of the railway network, the so-called Hemboog.

Train services

The station was a stoptrain station and was only served by trains from Hoofdorp and Schiphol to Lelystad or Amersfoort Schothorst.

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