S.G. Gallaratese A.S.D.

Full name Società Ginnastica Gallaratese Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica
Founded 1876 (as multi-sport society)
1909 (football division)
1998 (refounded)
2010 (refounded)
Ground Stadio Atleti Azzurri d'Italia,
Gallarate, Italy
Chairman Alfonso D'Agata
Manager Enrico Bortolas
League Promozione Lombardy/A
2011–12 Serie D/B, 20th

Società Ginnastica Gallaratese Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica is an Italian association football club located in Gallarate (Varese), Lombardy. It in the season 2012-13 plays in Promozione Lombardy/A.


S.G. Gallaratese

The club was founded in 1876 as S.G. Gallaratese (Società Ginnastica Gallaratese, Gymnic Society of Gallarate). The football section was opened in 1909 and spent 2 seasons in Serie B (1946–47 and 1947–48), plus the Serie B Alta Italia 1945-46 season.

In 1995 the side moved to Busto Arsizio and changed its name to Pro Patria Gallaratese G.B., taking the place of local club Pro Patria, that was facing financial problem.

Società Ginnastica Gallaratese A.S.D.

The club was refounded in 1998 as Società Ginnastica Gallaratese Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica in Terza Categoria.

At the end of the season 2009–10 Promozione , Gallaratese acquired the sports rights of newly promoted club Foot-Ball Club Saronno 1910 (based in nearby Saronno) in order to play in Serie D.

In the season 2010-11 e 2011/2012 is in SERIE D(campionato interregionale LND)with Mr. Battaglia Giancarlo President of Society and manager director Mr. Marotta Salvatore,and vicepresident of company Mr. Vedani the figlio of an ex President (Mr.Vedani Orazio).At the end season 2012/2013 the new company despared.

DAL 01.07.2012


Another company start instead from Campionato Promozione Lombardo with the new denomination and a new number of iscription F.I.G.C.(CRL-Milano).

Colors and badge

Its colors are white and blue.

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