İhsan Yüce

İhsan Yüce
Born İhsan Yüce
23 January 1929
Elazığ, Turkey
Died May 15, 1991(1991-05-15) (aged 62)
İstanbul, Turkey
Nationality Turkish
Education İzmir Atatürk Lisesi
Occupation Actor, Screenwriter, Director
Years active 1952-1990

İhsan Yüce (23 January 1929 in Elazığ – 15 May 1991 in İstanbul) was a Turkish actor and occasionally, scenarist and director.


İhsan Yüce studied at İzmir Atatürk High School and later at the İktisadi ve Ticari İlimler Akademisi. He began his acting career in İzmir and founded the Bizim Tiyatro and Drama Tiyatrosu.

His first prominent film role was in Altın Yumruk and he established himself with films such as Senede Bir Gün, Bir Millet Uyanıyor ve Sürtüğün Kızı. He was awarded the Golden Orange for Best Actor for his performance in Derya Gülü.[1]

Altogether, Yüce acted in a total of 117 films, wrote the screenplay for 55 films and directed 6 films.


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