Hayati Hamzaoğlu

Hayati Hamzaoğlu
Born 5 March 1933
Trabzon, Turkey
Died 15 April 2000
Antalya, Turkey
Occupation Actor

Hayati Hamzaoğlu (5 March 1933 15 April 2000) was a Turkish actor.


Hamzaoğlu was born in Trabzon. After leaving school, he began working in a number of different jobs such as a shoemaker and a goldsmith. He started his acting career in 1953 in a small part in Köy Çocuğu. In 1961, he first acted in a main role and gained fame later playing villainous characters.

He won the "Best supporting actor" award twice at the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival for his roles in Bir Çirkin Adam and Tatar Ramazan. Additionally, he was awarded "Best supporting actor" at the 1969 Adana Golden Cocoon Festival for his performance in Kuyu.[1] He died, aged 67, in Antalya.


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