Zadié Department


Zadie Department in the region
Country Gabon
Province Ogooué-Ivindo Province
Population (2003)
  Total 15,204
Time zone GMT +1 (UTC+1)

Zadié is a department of Ogooué-Ivindo Province in northern-eastern Gabon. The capital lies at Mékambo. As of 2003 the department had a population of 15,203 people.[1] The department has a population of Bakoya pygmies, settled here since about 1933 along the main roads from Mékambo to Mazingo and Mékambo to Ekata on the Congolese border.[2] The area received international press for outbreaks of Ebola hemorrhagic fever in 1994 and 1997.

Administrative divisions

The department contains the following administrative divisions. The population as of the 2003 census is given:[1]

Coordinates: 1°01′N 13°56′E / 1.017°N 13.933°E / 1.017; 13.933


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