Yuan shuai

Yuan Shuai (元帥) was a Chinese military rank that corresponds to a marshal in other nations. It was given to distinguished generals during China's dynastic and republican periods. A higher level rank of da yuan shuai (大元帥), which corresponds to generalissimo, also existed.

Song Dynasty

Jin Dynasty

Republic of China

People's Republic of China

Shoulder boards for the PLA rank yuan shuai (marshal), modeled after those of the marshal of the Soviet Union

The rank was awarded to ten veteran generals of the People's Liberation Army in 1955. However, it was abolished in 1965 and was never restored. The recipients of the rank were:

  1. Zhu De
  2. Peng Dehuai
  3. Lin Biao
  4. Liu Bocheng
  5. He Long
  6. Chen Yi
  7. Luo Ronghuan
  8. Xu Xiangqian
  9. Nie Rongzhen
  10. Ye Jianying

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