Jenderal besar

Shoulder insignia

Jenderal besar, translated literally as "grand general", is the highest rank of the Army of Indonesia. It is the equivalent of a general of the army, and is used to translate that rank into Indonesian. Within the Indonesian Armed Forces ranking system, jenderal besar is the equivalent of laksamana besar (admiral of the fleet) and marsekal besar (marshal of the air force).

Currently the rank has been held only by three persons, all granted in 1997 on the 50th anniversary of Indonesian National Armed Forces.

A jenderal besar could technically be appointed if ever Indonesia became engaged in a major war or suffered from a massive invasion. A jenderal besar would then, most likely, become supreme commander of all Indonesian military forces.

The insignia for jenderal besar is five golden stars arranged in a pentagon formation. Thus, the insignia is very similar to the United States Army rank of general of the army.

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