World Armwrestling Championship

World Armwrestling Championships is main arm wrestling championships in the World. It is organized by World Armwrestling Federation and was founded in 1944 by Thomas Hurst in West Chicago, Illinois.

Canadian National Arm Wrestling Championship is held every year in Niagara Falls, ON, Canada after being founded in 1936 by Metro Franko and is exclusively for Canadian citizens.


Medals are awarded for separately for right and left hands in every weight class.[1]

Men Women
55 kg 50 kg
60 kg 55 kg
65 kg 60 kg
70 kg 65 kg
75 kg 70 kg
80 kg 80 kg
85 kg +80 kg
90 kg
100 kg
110 kg
+110 kg


The list is incomplete

Edition Year City Country Date Venue No. of
No. of
9th 1988 Eskilstuna  Sweden December 22[2]
19th 1997 Cairo  Egypt
20th 1998 Thunder Bay  Canada
21st 1999 Tokyo  Japan
22nd 2000 Rovaniemi  Finland
23rd 2001 Gdynia  Poland
24th 2002 Springfield  USA
25th 2003 Ottawa  Canada
26th 2004 Durban  South Africa
27th 2005 Tokyo  Japan
28th 2006 Manchester  England Trafford Centre
29th 2007 Veliko Tarnovo  Bulgaria
30th 2008 Kelowna  Canada
31st 2009 Rosolina  Italy
32nd 2010 Mesquite  USA
33rd 2011 Almaty  Kazakhstan
34th 2012 São Vicente  Brazil
35th 2013 Gdynia  Poland
36th 2014 Vilnius  Lithuania September 14 – 21 LITEXPO


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