World Bowls Events

These are the premier World Bowls Events between national bowls organisations affiliated to World Bowls Ltd. The premier indoor event is the World Indoor Bowls Championships listed separately and is organised by the World Bowls Tour.

World Outdoor Bowls Championships

First held in Australia in 1966, the World Outdoor Bowls Championships for men and women are held every 4 years. From 2008 the men's and women's events are held together. Qualifying national bowls organisations (usually countries) are represented by a team of 5 players, who play once as a single and a four, then again as a pair and a triple. Gold, silver, and bronze medals are awarded in each of the 4 disciplines, and there is also a trophy for the best overall team the Leonard Trophy for men and the Taylor Trophy for women.

World Junior Championships

The first World Junior Championships were held at Broadbeach Bowling & Community Club, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia from 10–16 November 2014. This event is for bowlers under 26 years of age.

Year Venue Singles Women Singles Men Mixed Pairs
2014 Broadbeach, Australia  Chloe Stewart (AUS)  Dylan Fisher (AUS)  Auni Fatiah Kamis, Mohd Fairus Abdul Jabal (MAS)
2015 Broadbeach, Australia  Kristina Krstic (AUS)  Ryan Burnett (SCO)  Ben Twist, Kristina Krstic (AUS)
2016 Broadbeach, Australia  Ellen Ryan (AUS)  Aaron Wilson (AUS)  Aaron Teys, Ellen Ryan (AUS)

World Champion of Champions Singles

Year Venue Women Men
2003 Moama, Australia  Liz James (SWZ)  Douw Calitz (NAM)
2004 Warilla, Australia  Margaret Johnston (IRE)  Ali Forsyth (NZL)
2005 Christchurch, New Zealand  Nor Iryani Azmi (MAS)  Mark Walton (ENG)
2006 Christchurch, New Zealand  Julie Saunders (ENG)  Darren Burnett (SCO)
2007 Warilla, Australia  Alison Merrien (GGY)  Tony Grantham (NZL)
2008 Aberdeen, Scotland  Kathy Pearce (WAL)  Leif Selby (AUS)
2009 Ayr, Scotland  Kelsey Cottrell (AUS)  Brett Wilkie (AUS)
2010 Norfolk Island  Jan Khan (NZL)  Aron Sherriff (AUS)
2011 Hong Kong, China  Jo Edwards (NZL)  Thomas Geechan (JER)
2012 Paphos, Cyprus  Sandra Keith (NZL)  Hizlee Abdul Rais (MAS)
2013 Christchurch, New Zealand  Karen Murphy (AUS)  Thomas Bishop (ENG)
2014 Christchurch, New Zealand  Lorna Smith (SCO)  Iain McLean (SCO)
2015 Brisbane, Australia  Emma Firyani Saroji (MAS)  Neil Mulholland (IRE)
2016 Brisbane, Australia  Natasha Scott (AUS)  Scott Thulborn (AUS)

World Cup Singles

Year World Cup
Women Men
2005  Grace Chu (HKG)  Mark Casey (AUS)
2006  Shirley Choy (CAN)  Neil Speirs (SCO)
2007  Judy Nardella (AUS)  Kelvin Kerkow (AUS)
2008  Alison Merrien (GGY)  Safuan Said (MAS)
2009  Jo Edwards (NZL)  Leif Selby (AUS)
2010  Jo Edwards (NZL)  Leif Selby (AUS)
2011  Jo Edwards (NZL)  James Talbot (IRE)
2012  Alison Merrien (GGY)  Jeremy Henry (AUS)
2013  Jo Edwards (NZL)  Jeremy Henry (AUS)
2014  Caroline Brown (SCO)  Jeremy Henry (AUS)
2015  Siti Zalina Ahmad (MAS)  Iain McLean (SCO)
2016  Carmen Anderson (NFK)  Jeremy Henry (AUS)
Year World Junior Cup
Women Men
2005  Lynsey Clarke (AUS)  Safuan Said (MAS)
2006  Lynsey Clarke (AUS)  Wayne Hogg (SCO)
2007  Melanie Macaulay (AUS)  Barry Kane (NIR)
2008  Melanie Macaulay (AUS)  Aron Sherriff (AUS)
2009  Genevieve Baildon (NZL)  Craig England (SCO)
2010  Samantha Shannahan (AUS)  Andrew Kelly (NZL)
2011  Clare Hendra (NZL)  Ben Twist (AUS)

Atlantic Cup

Effectively a qualifying event for the 2016 World Bowls Championship.

Men's Titles

Year Venue Singles Champion Fours Champions Pairs Champions Triples Champions Team Champion
2015 Paphos, Cyprus England
Jamie Walker
Greg Davis, Scott Ruderham, Cyril Renouf, Gus Hodgetts
Republic of Ireland
Gary Kelly, Ian McClure
Paul Taylor, Steve Harris, Rob Weale

Women's Titles

Year Venue Singles Champion Fours Champions Pairs Champions Triples Champions Team Champion
2015 Paphos, Cyprus Republic of Ireland
Catherine Beattie
Bex Craig, Lorraine Malloy, Stacey McDougall, Claire Johnston
South Africa
Nici Neal & Colleen Piketh
Republic of Ireland
Erin Smith, Bernie O’Neil, Sandra Bailie
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