Khan of Bulgaria
Reign 756–762
Predecessor Kormisosh
Successor Telets
House Vokil (Ukil)

Vinekh (also spelled Vineh; Bulgarian: Винех) was ruler of Bulgaria in the mid-8th century.

According to the Namelist of Bulgarian Rulers, Vinekh reigned for seven years and was a member of the Vokil (or Ukil) clan (which may be the same family as that of his predecessor). According to the chronology developed by Moskov, Vinekh would have reigned 754762. Other chronologies date the reign of Vinekh to 756762 but do not entirely agree with the testimony of the Imennik.

Vinekh ascended the throne after the defeat of his predecessor Kormisosh by the Eastern Roman Emperor Constantine V Kopronymos, which has led some scholars to assume that he was an usurper. In c. 756 Constantine V campaigned against Bulgaria by land and sea, and defeated the Bulgarian army led by Vinekh at Marcellae (Karnobat). The defeated monarch sued for peace and undertook to send his own children as hostages. In 759 Constantine V invaded Bulgaria again, but this time his army was ambushed in the mountain passes of the Stara Planina (battle of the Rishki Pass). Vinekh did not follow up his victory and sought to re-establish the peace. This won him the opposition of the Bulgarian nobility, which had him massacred together with his family.

Vineh Peak on Rugged Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica is named after Vineh of Bulgaria.


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Khan of Bulgaria
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