Vicuña Mackenna Batholith

Vicuña Mackenna Batholith
Type Batholith
Primary Gabbro, granitoids
Region Antofagasta Region
Country Chile
Type section
Named for Sierra Vicuña Mackenna

The Vicuña Mackenna Batholith (Spanish: Batolito Vicuña Mackenna) is a group of plutons in the Chilean Coast Range of northern Chile. The plutons of the batholith formed (cooled) between the Early Jurassic and the Late Cretaceous (192–98 Ma). The magmas that formed the batholith originated in Earth's mantle and have not suffered any significant crustal contamination. A group of Early Cretaceous plutons were intruded syn-tectonically on Atacama Fault.[1]

Geologists Miguel Hervé and Nicolás Marinivic identify six mayor units. From the oldest to the youngest these are:[1]

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