Vice President of the Russian Federation

Vice President of the Russian Federation

Alexander Rutskoy
Appointer Directly elected with President of Russia
Formation 10 July 1991
First holder Alexander Rutskoy
Final holder Alexander Rutskoy
Abolished 4 October 1993

The Vice President of the Russian Federation (before 25 December 1991 - Vice President of the Russian SFSR) was the first in the presidential line of succession, becoming the new President of Russia upon the death, resignation, or removal of the president. Additionally, the vice president would assume the presidential duties in case the president becomes incapable of carrying out the presidential duties.


According to the article 121-2 of the Russian Constitution of 1978, a citizen of Russia, no younger than 35 years old and no older than 65 years old, who is in possession of suffrage, may be elected vice president. The vice president shall not be people's deputy, or hold any other offices in state or public bodies as well as in businesses.


The vice president was elected simultaneously with the president. A candidate for vice president was nominated by a candidate for president.


The vice president executes individual assignments on a commission of the president and acts for the president in his absence or in case when it is impossible for the president to attend to his duties.


Following 1993 Russian constitutional crisis this post was disbanded. The position of the Prime Minister of Russia became the second-highest ranking public office, and in the event of the president's incapacitation or resignation, the prime minister would become the acting president. This was evidenced in the succession of then-prime minister Vladimir Putin to the presidency after the resignation of Boris Yeltsin, due to illness, on December 31, 1999.

List of people to hold the office

# Name Elected Entered office Left office President Comments
1 Alexander Rutskoy 12 June 1991 10 July 1991 4 October 1993 Boris Yeltsin Deposed in aftermath of the 1993 Russian constitutional crisis, declared Acting President of the Russian Federation by Congress of People's Deputies of Russia

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