Russian presidential election, 1991

Russian presidential election, 1991
Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic
12 June 1991

Turnout 74.7%
Nominee Boris Yeltsin Nikolai Ryzhkov Vladimir Zhirinovsky
Party Independent CPSU Liberal Democratic Party
Running mate Alexander Rutskoy Boris Gromov Andrey Zavidiya
Popular vote 45,552,041 13,359,335 6,211,007
Percentage 58.6% 17.2% 8.0%

Elected President

Boris Yeltsin

Presidential elections were held in the Russian SFSR on 12 June 1991.[1] They were the first presidential elections in the country's history and followed a referendum in March of that year on directly electing a president. The result was a victory for Boris Yeltsin, who received 58.6% of the vote.[2] Although Yeltsin ran as an independent, he was supported by Democratic Russia.[3]

Electoral system

In contrast to the subsequent elections, the Vice President stood for election together with the President. Similarly to the US presidential election system, the candidature of Vice President was exhibited along with the candidacy of the President as a joint entry on the ballot paper.

Despite the fact that four candidates were members of the Communist Party, Nikolai Ryzhkov was the only one nominated officially, the others participating in the elections as self-nominated candidates.


Presidential candidate Vice Presidential candidate Party Votes %
Boris YeltsinAlexander RutskoyIndependent45,552,04158.6
Nikolai RyzhkovBoris GromovCommunist Party of the Soviet Union13,395,33517.2
Vladimir ZhirinovskyAndrey ZavidiyaLiberal Democratic Party of the Soviet Union6,211,0078.0
Aman TuleyevViktor BocharovCommunist Party of the Soviet Union (self-nominated)5,417,4647.0
Albert MakashovAleksei SergeyevCommunist Party of the Soviet Union (self-nominated)2,969,5113.8
Vadim BakatinRamazan AbdulatipovCommunist Party of the Soviet Union (self-nominated)2,719,7573.5
Against all1,525,4102.0
Invalid/blank votes1,716,757
Registered voters/turnout106,484,51874.7
Source: Nohlen & Stöver, University of Essex, Voice of Russia


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