Tuzly Lagoons

Tuzly Lagoons

Northern coast of Alibey Lagoon, one of the 3 main lagoons in the group.

The schematic map of the Tuzly Lagoons
Location Black Sea
Coordinates 45°47′N 30°00′E / 45.783°N 30.000°E / 45.783; 30.000Coordinates: 45°47′N 30°00′E / 45.783°N 30.000°E / 45.783; 30.000
Ocean/sea sources Atlantic Ocean
Basin countries Ukraine
Max. length 29 km (18 mi)
Surface area 206 km2 (80 sq mi)
Average depth 1.0–1.3 m (3.3–4.3 ft)
Max. depth 2.5 m (8.2 ft)
Salinity 18-40 ‰

Tuzly Lagoons (Ukrainian: Тузловські лимани, Romanian: Limanele Tuzlei) are a group of marine lagoons (limans) in southern Bessarabia (Budjak), Ukraine. The lagoons are part of the Tuzly Lagoons National Nature Park, proclaimed on January 1, 2010.[1] The name of the lagoons originates from the Turkish: Tuzlu, which means salty.

The group includes three main lagoons: Shahany, Alibey, and Burnas, and also smaller lagoons: Solone Ozero, Khadzhyder, Karachaus, Budury, Kurudiol, Martaza, Mahala, Malyi Sasyk, and Dzhantshey.[2]

The total area of the lagoons is 206 km², depth 1.6–2.5 m, averaging 1.0–1.3 m. The lagoons are separated from the Black Sea by a 29-km long sandbar, which is 60–400 m wide and 1–3 m high.[3]

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