Toucheng, Yilan

Toucheng Township in Yilan County
Toucheng Township
Toucheng Township office
Toucheng old library

Toucheng Township (Chinese: 頭城鎮; pinyin: Tóuchéng Zhèn) is an urban township in the northern coast of Taiwan. It is administered as a part of Yilan County of Taiwan Province of the Republic of China. It claims the disputed Diaoyu Islands otherwise known as Senkaku Islands, as well as Guishan Island.


Toucheng was formerly called Thau-ui (Chinese: 頭圍; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Thâu-uî).


Administrative divisions

Shicheng Village, Dali Village, Guishan Village, Daxi Village, Gexing Village, Gengxin Village, Waiao Village, Gangkou Village, Wuying Village, Dakeng Village, Chengtung Village, Chengbei Village, Chengxi Village, Chengnan Village, Zhuan Village, Xinjian Village, Baya Village, Fucheng Village, Jinmian Village, Jinying Village, Dingpu Village, Xiapu Village, Zhonglun Village and Ercheng Village.



Submarine communication cables

Toucheng is one of the two cable landing points of Taiwan island (the other one is Fangshan). Four submarine communication cables, including APCN, APCN2, RNAL, and SEA-ME-WE 3, connect here.

Tourist attractions

The township has its fair share of fresh seafood restaurants and also a remarkable black sand beach,a surfer's attraction with a good view of the Turtle Island. (a national reservation, the only active volcano in Taiwan)

Several boat operators offer trips from the Wushish Harbor to Turtle Island and also for whale and dolphin watching.

The Juh-an River Bird sanctuary is another attraction of Toucheng.

Once the economic center of the area, the Ho-Ping street in Tocuheng is one of the few unaltered and typical Qing Dynasty Taiwanese urban structures.


Toucheng is served by the Yilan Line of Taiwan Railway Administration on Sicheng Station and Toucheng Station. Toucheng has more rail stations (three) than any other townships in Taiwan. There are seven stations along the route.

The township has recently seen a marked increase in tourism due to the opening of the Freeway 5 linking it with western Taipei. The freeway consists of a series of tunnels dug though the Snow Mountains, the longest of which measures 12.7 km (7.9 mi). The distance between western Taipei and Toucheng is now 30 km (19 mi) and takes roughly thirty minutes of driving, compared to several hours in the past.

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