Tasmanian Heritage Register

Tasmanian Heritage Register is the statutory heritage register of the Australian state of Tasmania. It is defined as a list of areas currently identified as having historic cultural heritage importance to Tasmania as a whole. The Register [1] is kept by the Tasmanian Heritage Council [2][3] within the meaning of the Tasmanian Historic Cultural Heritage Act 1995. It encompasses in addition the Heritage Register of the Tasmanian branch of the National Trust of Australia, which was merged into the Tasmanian Heritage Register.[4] The enforcement of the heritages requirements is managed by Heritage Tasmania.[5]

2015 removals and additions

The register integrity has been complicated by changes of the list in 2015. A state government push to eliminate 1650 properties from the register has led to several criticisms and the resignation of a senior staff member of Heritage Tasmania.[6][7][8]

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