List of heritage registers

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This list is of heritage registers, inventories of cultural properties, natural and man-made, tangible and intangible, movable and immovable, that are deemed to be of sufficient heritage value to be separately identified and recorded. In many instances the pages linked below have as their primary focus the registered assets rather than the registers themselves. Where a particular article or set of articles on a foreign-language Wikipedia provides fuller coverage, a link is provided.



 Albania: List of Religious Cultural Monuments of Albania


 Andorra: Bé d'interès cultural, as maintained by Patrimoni Cultural = Cultural Heritage of Andorra; (Catalan) Llista de monuments d'Andorra


 Argentina: National Historic Monuments of Argentina; (French) Monument historique national (Argentine)


 Australia: Australian National Heritage List, Commonwealth National Heritage List, Register of the National Estate, Heritage registers in Australia


 Austria: Denkmalgeschütztes Objekt, as maintained by the Bundesdenkmalamt


 Belarus: Cultural Properties of Belarus


 Belgium: National Heritage Site (Belgium); (Dutch) Lijsten van cultureel erfgoed

Bosnia and Herzegovina

 Bosnia: List of National Monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as maintained by the Commission to preserve national monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina;[1]


 Brazil: List of National Historic Heritage of Brazil, as maintained by the National Institute of Historic and Artistic Heritage;[2] (Portuguese) Listas de patrimônio do Brasil


 Burma: Yangon City Heritage List[3]






 Chile: National Monuments of Chile, as maintained by the Consejo de Monumentos Nacionales[13]


 China: Major Historical and Cultural Site Protected at the National Level (全国重点文物保护单位), designated by State Administration of Cultural Heritage


Sites Protected at the City Level of Hangzhou are districts, artifacts or buildings legally declared to be "protected". According to the "Regularations of historic districts and historic buildings in Hangzhou" effectivated from 1 January 2005, historic buildings are those artifacts or districts that have lasted more than 50 years, and of significant values for history, science, and art study. In Hangzhou, declaring a historic house requires consulting the urban planning administration bureau, and the real estate administration bureau.

As of 31 June 2011, there are 287 declared historic houses in Hangzhou, proclaimed as 5 batches.[14] In the near future, it is going to issue the sixth batch which includes 51 historic houses.


Hong Kong


 Colombia: National Monuments of Colombia; (Spanish) Monumentos Nacionales de Colombia



Czech Republic



It has been described as one of the most successful and more complete heritage registers.[19]




 Indonesia: Cultural Properties of Indonesia



 Ireland: In the Republic of Ireland, some registers are maintained by sections of the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht (The National Monuments Service and National Inventory of Architectural Heritage). Others are maintained by the "planning authority": the local council for the county, city, borough, or town where the monument or building is sited.

Name Type Maintenance
National Monument "a monument or the remains of a monument the preservation of which is a matter of national importance by reason of the historical, architectural, traditional, artistic, or archaeological interest attaching thereto"[23] Owned or managed by the National Monuments Service. The Service's own list of monuments is not definitive.[24]
National Inventory of Architectural Heritage "all—
(a) structures and buildings together with their settings and attendant grounds, fixtures and fittings,
(b) groups of such structures and buildings, and
(c) sites,
which are of architectural, historical, archaeological, artistic, cultural, scientific, social or technical interest"[25]
National Inventory of Architectural Heritage. The NIAH's survey is not yet complete.[26]
protected structure "structures, or parts of structures, which form part of the architectural heritage and which are of special architectural, historical, archaeological, artistic, cultural, scientific, social or technical interest"[27] Relevant planning authority maintains a list as part of its development plan.[28]
architectural conservation area "a place, area, group of structures or townscape, taking account of building lines and heights, that—
(a) is of special architectural, historical, archaeological, artistic, cultural, scientific, social or technical interest or value, or
(b) contributes to the appreciation of protected structures"[27]
Planning authority
special planning control area "an architectural conservation area [...] of special importance to, or as respects, the civic life or the architectural, historical, cultural or social character of a city or town in which it is situated"[27] Planning authority
area of special amenity "by reason of—
(a) its outstanding natural beauty, or
(b) its special recreational value,
and having regard to any benefits for nature conservation"[27]
Planning authority
Database of Historic Gardens and Designed Landscapes Gardens marked on the first- or second-edition (1850–95) maps of the Ordnance Survey of Ireland.[29] National Inventory of Architectural Heritage[30]




 Japan: Cultural Properties of Japan, as maintained by the Agency for Cultural Affairs; see also National Treasures of Japan

Korea (North)

 North Korea: National Treasures of North Korea, Cultural assets of North Korea

Korea (South)

 South Korea: National Treasures of South Korea, Important Intangible Cultural Properties of Korea, as maintained by Cultural Heritage Administration



The list is maintained by Service des sites et monuments nationaux, a Government agency. The latest version is available here .

See Lëscht vun de klasséierte Monumenter on lb-wiki and commons:Category:Cultural heritage monuments in Luxembourg

Macedonia (Republic of)

 Macedonia: (French) Patrimoine culturel de la République de Macédoine


 Malta: National Inventory of the Cultural Property of the Maltese Islands


 Mexico: National Monuments of Mexico[37]


 Morocco: Historic Monuments and Sites of Morocco


 Mozambique: Cultural Properties of Mozambique


 Namibia: National Monuments, as maintained by the National Heritage Council of Namibia;[38] (German) Liste der Nationalen Denkmäler in Namibia


New Zealand


  1. Department of Archaeology and Museums (Ministry of Heritage and National Integration (Pakistan))
  2. National Archives of Pakistan
  3. Directorate of Archaeology & Museums, Sindh
    1. Sindh Building Control Authority
  4. Directorate General of Archaeology, Punjab
  5. Directorate of Archaeology & Museums, of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
  6. Directorate General of Archaeology, Balochistan
  7. List of cultural heritage sites in Pakistan


 Paraguay: El Inventario Nacional de Bienes Culturales, under creation by the Dirección de Catalogación del Patrimonio Cultural[41]


 Philippines: Cultural Properties of the Philippines


 Poland: A list of objects of cultural heritage in Poland (zabytki) is maintained by the Narodowy Instytut Dziedzictwa. It is primarily composed of objects in the register of objects of cultural heritage (rejestr zabytków), objects with the status of Historical Monument (pomnik historii), objects classified as a cultural park (park kulturowy).[42]


 Portugal: National Monuments, as maintained by IGESPAR; (Portuguese) Lista de património edificado em Portugal



 Russia: Russian cultural heritage register; (Russian) Списки объектов культурного наследия России; Historical Cities of Russia


 Senegal: Sites et Monuments historiques;[43] (French) Liste des monuments et sites historiques au Sénégal


Cultural Heritage of Serbia (see also: World Heritage Sites in Serbia)

The register is divided into twelve categories:

Exceptional Importance Great Importance Protected
Archaeological Sites of Exceptional Importance Archaeological Sites of Great Importance Protected Archaeological Sites
Monuments of Culture of Exceptional Importance Monuments of Culture of Great Importance Protected Monuments of Culture
Historic Landmarks of Exceptional Importance Historic Landmarks of Great Importance Protected Historic Landmarks
Spatial Cultural-Historical Units of Exceptional Importance Spatial Cultural-Historical Units of Great Importance Protected Spatial Cultural-Historical Units

Sierra Leone

 Sierra Leone: National Monuments of Sierra Leone, as maintained by the Ancient Monuments and Relics Commission[44]



 Slovakia: Cultural Heritage Monuments of Slovakia; (German) Liste (Kulturdenkmale in der Slowakei)

South Africa







United Kingdom

 United Kingdom

Heritage, culture, planning and conservation are devolved issues in the United Kingdom, and are dealt with by the governments of the constituent countries. England, which does not have its own devolved government, is covered by an agency of the United Kingdom government. See also Historic Environment Record (HERs) and Sites and Monuments Record (SMRs) maintained usually at a local government level (Archaeological Trusts in Wales).

United States

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In the United States, a site is only listed on the National Register of Historic Places on recommendation from the state historic preservation offices in the relevant state.

Some states maintain their own state-level historic registers, although in some U.S. states all properties on the state register duplicate the National Register listing.

The National Register listing in itself confers no protection to a historic property but may qualify the site for matching grants for historic restoration.

Local historic designations in many municipalities provide some limited protection against demolition of historic landmarks.


State-level and local-level


 Venezuela: Inventario de monumentos, as maintained by the Instituto de Patrimonio Cultural[55]


 Zambia: Monuments and Historic Sites of Zambia


 Zimbabwe: National Monuments of Zimbabwe

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