Taghmon (Parliament of Ireland constituency)

Former constituency
for the Irish House of Commons
Former constituency
Created  ()
Abolished 1800

Taghmon was a constituency represented in the Irish House of Commons to 1800.

Members of Parliament


ElectionFirst memberFirst partySecond memberSecond party
1692 Patrick Lambert Anderson Saunders
1695 Robert Wolseley
1703 Richard Saunders
1713 George Saville
1715 Richard Saunders
1719 Caesar Colclough
1727 William Hore
1731 John Bowes
1742 Charles Gardiner
1746 Walter Hore
1761 Walter Hore Hon. James Stopford [1]
1768 John Hatch James Willson
1771 Sir James Cotter, 2nd Bt
1776 Thomas Pigott William Alexander English
1783 Dudley Hussey Hon. Richard Hely-Hutchinson
1786 Robert Stubber
1789 Hon. John Hely-Hutchinson
1790 John Hely-Hutchinson Warden Flood
1795 Hon. Christopher Hely-Hutchinson
1796 Charles McDonnell
1797 Robert Rutledge
1798 William Knott James Knox
1801 Constituency disenfranchised


  1. from 1762 James Stopford, Viscount Stopford


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