Svante Stensson Sture

Svante Stensson Sture by Domenicus Verwilt.

Svante Stensson Sture or Svante Sture the Younger (born 1 May 1517 in Stockholm, d. 24 May 1567 in the Sture Murders at Uppsala Castle) was a Swedish count, riksmarsk and statesman.[1] From 1562 to 1564, during the Livonian War, he was governor of Estonia.[1]


Svante Sture was the son of Sten Svantesson Sture (d. y.) and Kristina (Christina) Nilsdotter Gyllenstierna.[1] He was married to Märta ("king Martha") Erikdotter Leijonhufvud on 3 March 1538 at Nyköping Castle, with whom he had the following[2] children:


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