Surti buffalo

Other names
  • Deccani
  • Gujarati
  • Nadiadi
  • Surati
Country of origin India
Distribution Gujarat: Anand, Kaira and Baroda districts
Use Dairy
Weight Male: average 499 kg
  Female: average 408 kg
Height Male: ca. 130 cm
  Female: ca. 125 cm
Coat rusty brown or silver-grey
Water buffalo
Bubalus bubalis

The Surti is a breed of water buffalo found in the Charottar tract of Gujarat between the Mahi and Sabarmati rivers. The best animals of this breed are found in Anand, Kaira and Baroda districts of Gujarat.[1]

Characteristics of the breed

The Surti buffalo is of medium size and docile temperament. The breed has got a fairly broad and long head with a convex shape at the top in between horns. Horns are sickle-shaped and flat which grow in a downward & backward direction and then upwards at the tip forming a hook. The skin is black or brown. Surti breed has got a unique straight back. Good specimens have two white collars.

Performance of the breed

Average milk production:-

Fat:- 7 to 7.5%

SNF:- 9 to 9.15%

Age at Ist calving:- 45 to 47 months

Calving interval:- 400 to 425 days

Breeding period:- Seasonal (Sept. to April)


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