Stephen, Count of Tréguier

Stephen of Penthièvre, Count of Tréguier, 3rd Lord of Richmond (1058/62- 21 April 1136)[1] was a Breton noble and a younger son of Odo, Count of Penthièvre and Agnes of Cornouaille, sister of Hoel II, Duke of Brittany. In 1093, he succeeded to the title of Count of Tréguier; in 1098, he succeeded his brother Alain as Lord of Richmond in Yorkshire, England.[2]


He is sometimes misidentified as "Stephen, Count of Brittany" in the court documents of King Henry I. This is likely due to his Breton heritage, when in fact at the time Brittany was a Duchy ruled by Alan IV, Duke of Brittany.

Stephen was a benefactor of religious houses. In 1110, he and his wife, Hawise founded the Augustine Abbey of St Croix in Guingamp. On an unknown date, he is recorded as having donated property to Rumbaugh Priory for the souls of his wife and children.[3]

He was the paternal grandfather of Conan IV, Duke of Brittany.


He married Hawise of Guingamp and their children were:

He died on 21 April 1136 and was buried in York.[4]



  1. William de Tancarville was her son; it was he who trained and knighted William Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke.


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Peerage of England
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