Hugh II, Count of Maine

Hugh II (920-before 992), Count of Maine, son of Hugh I, Count of Maine, and an unknown mother, probably a daughter of Gauzlin II, Count of Maine. He was, like his father, a vassal of his uncle Hugh the Great.

After the death of Hugh the Great, Hugh II allied himself Fulk II the Good, Count of Anjou, and Theobald the Trickster, Count of Blois. Hugh later joined Theobald’s son Odo against Seinfroy, Bishop of Le Mans (see also Avesgaud de Bellême). Hugh and Odo had to flee and seek refuge with Bouchard I, Count of Vendôme, in the areas that form the Bas-Vendômois.

Hugh’s wife is not known. He had the following four children:

Hugh was succeeded as Count of Maine by his son Hugh III.


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