Statistics Sweden

Statistics Sweden
Statistiska centralbyrån

The office in Örebro
Agency overview
Formed 1858
Headquarters Stockholm and Örebro
Employees about 1,400 (2008)[1]
Agency executive
  • Stefan Lundgren, director-general
Parent department Ministry of Finance

Statistics Sweden (Swedish: Statistiska centralbyrån, SCB) is the Swedish government agency responsible for producing official statistics regarding Sweden. National statistics in Sweden date back to 1686 when the parishes of the Church of Sweden were ordered to start keeping records on the population. SCB's predecessor, the Tabellverket ("office of tables"), was set up in 1749, and the current name was adopted in 1858.

As of 2008, the agency had approximately 1,400 employees. The offices of the agency are located in Stockholm and Örebro.[1] Statistics Sweden publishes the Journal of Official Statistics.

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