Stanislav Echsner

Stanisław Eksner

Stanislav Kasparovich Echsner, Polish: Stanisław Eksner (Exner), Russian: Станисла́в Каспа́рович Экснер Stanislav Kasparovič Eksner (May 7 ?/May 19, 1859, Radoszyce, Congress Poland November 28, 1934, Warsaw) was a Polish-Russian musician, pianist, and activist music educator. He was the founder of the Saratov Music School (now Saratov Regional College of Art) - 1895, and the Saratov Conservatory - 1912.


From 1875-1878, Echsner studied at the Leipzig Conservatory as a pianist. He then moved to St. Petersburg and graduated from the St. Petersburg Conservatory in 1883 with first prize. From 1883-1921 he lived and worked in Saratov, first as head of music classes of the Imperial Russian Musical Society, and then from 1912-1914 as the first director of the Saratov Conservatory. The growth of music education in Saratov was largely a result of his work. In addition to the educational and organizational work he put into concerts, he continued to perform as a pianist and later as a conductor.[1] In 1909 he celebrated 25 years of artistic activity in the city.[2] He was awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of Saratov in 1914.

In 1921 Echsner left Russia. He died in Warsaw in 1934 after a long illness, and was buried at the Powazki Cemetery.[1]

Notable students include Apolinary Szeluto.[3]


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