Saratov Conservatory

Saratov Conservatory is a music conservatory in Russia.

The conservatory in Saratov, was founded in 1912, and was the first provincial conservatory to be founded in Russia, after St Petersburg Conservatory and Moscow Conservatory. Saratov was, at the time, Russia's third city. The main building of the conservatory had been built in 1902 by architect Alexander Yulyevich Yagnom and originally it housed a musical school. For the opening of the conservatory in 1912 the building was reconstructed by the architect Semyon Akimovich Kallistratova. When Saratov Conservatory opened in September 1912, it immediately had one thousand students ready to begin their studies.[1]

Since 1935 the Conservatory has taken the honorary name of the tenor Leonid Sobinov.

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Saratov Symphony Orchestra

The Saratov Conservatory has an associated orchestra, The Saratov Conservatory Symphony Orchestra, which was founded in 1912, which traditionally has shared its chief conductor with the Saratov Philharmonic Orchestra. Chief conductors of the two orchestras have included: Nathan Faktorovich, Martyn Nersesyan, Roman Matsov, and Yuri Aranovich. Guest conductors have included Mstislav Rostropovich, Karl-Wilhelm Brandt, Konstantin Saradzhev, Nisson Shkarovsky, Gennady Provatorov, and Yuri Kochnev. Guest performers have included Andrés Díaz (cellist).

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