Sousse Governorate

ولاية سوسة

Map of Tunisia with Sousse highlighted
Coordinates: 35°50′N 10°38′E / 35.833°N 10.633°E / 35.833; 10.633Coordinates: 35°50′N 10°38′E / 35.833°N 10.633°E / 35.833; 10.633
Country Tunisia
Created June 21, 1956
Capital Sousse
  Total 2,669 km2 (1,031 sq mi)
Area rank Ranked 19th of 24
Population (2014)
  Total 674,971
  Rank Ranked 4th of 24
  Density 250/km2 (650/sq mi)
Time zone CET (UTC+01)
Postal prefix xx
ISO 3166 code TN-51

Sousse Governorate (Arabic: ولاية سوسة Wilāyat Sūsah pronounced [ˈsuː.sæ]) is one of the twenty-four governorates (provinces) of Tunisia. It is beside the eastern coast of Tunisia in the north-east of the country and covers an area of 2,621 km² and has a population of 674,971 (2014 census).[1] The capital is Sousse.


The area compasses most of the broad eastern coastal plain (which has a hot Mediterranean climate) featuring salt and fresh water lakes, fed by winter rains. A narrow strip of forest, the Foret Nationale de Tunisie, adjoins part of the beach swathe between Sousse and Hammamet to the far north, the beach forming most of the coastline. These cities are on the Gulf of Hammamet which is a gently-curved bay. The largest lake is the Sebkhet de Sidi El Hani which is shared with two other areas but is mostly in the Sousse Governorate.[2]

Elevations are pronounced in the second national park in the area, which is mainly in Nabeul Governorate, is on all of the seaward sides of Hammam Bent Djadidi adjoining the northern border.


Linked by the widest road in the country and railways to Tunis, the area has roads and railways leading further into the country and towards Libya as well as an airport beside the main port city of Sousse, Monastir Habib Bourguiba International Airport which is beyond its short eastern border in much smaller Monastir Governorate.

Administrative divisions

The governorate is sub-divided into 15 delegations:[3]

Sixteen municipalities are in Sousse Governorate:

Code Municipality Population
3111 Sousse 221,530
3112 Ksibet Thrayet 11,623
3113 Ezzouhour 17,348
3114 Zaouiet Sousse 20,681
3115 Hammam Sousse 42,937
3116 Akouda 27,200
3117 Kalâa Kebira 53,323
3118 Sidi Bou Ali 10,282
3119 Hergla 7,419
3120 Enfidha 10,990
3121 Bouficha 9,931
3122 Sidi El Hani 2,706
3123 M'saken 60,165
3124 Kalâa Seghira 34,548
3125 Messaadine 12,916
3126 Kondar 3,804


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