Simon son of Boethus

Simon son of Boethus (also known as Simon son of Boëthus,[1] Simeon ben Boethus[2] or Shimon ben Boethus[3]) (Hebrew: שמעון בן ביתוס) was a Jewish High priest (ca. 23 4 BCE) in the 1st century BCE and father-in-law of Herod the Great.[4] According to Josephus, he was also known by the name Cantheras (Hebrew: קתרוס).[5][6] His family is believed to have been connected to the school of the Boethusians,[7] and a family whose origins are from Alexandria in Egypt.[2]

He succeeded Jesus, son of Fabus and was removed by Herod when his daughter, Mariamne II was implicated in the plot of Antipater against her husband in 4 BCE. As a result, Herod divorced her and removed her father (Simon Boethus) as high priest.[8] Simon's grandson Herod II was removed from the line of succession in Herod's last will.[9]

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Jewish titles
Preceded by
Jesus, son of Fabus
High Priest of Israel
23 BCE 4 BCE
Succeeded by
Matthias, son of Theophilus
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