Shin'etsu region

Shin'etsu (信越地方 Shin'etsu Chihō) is a geographical region of Japan.[1]

The area encompasses the old provinces of Shinano and Echigo. Though the name is a combination of those two provinces, the region also contains Sado Island from Sado Province. It is located in the modern-day prefectures of Nagano and Niigata.

Corporate usage

The name Shin-Etsu is used in the name of related multinational chemical companies.[2]

The Shin'etsu Main Line is part of Japan Railways service running from Shinonoi Station in Nagano Prefecture to Niigata Station in Niigata Prefecture,.[3]

In 1926, the Shinetsu Electric Company diversified as Shin'etsu Nitrogenous Fertilizer.[4]

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