Mount Serua

Location South East Asia
Archipelago Maluku Province
Highest elevation 641 m (2,103 ft)
Highest point Mount Serua

Serua is a volcanic island located in the Banda Sea, Indonesia. Administratively it is part of the Maluku Tengah Regency, Maluku Province.[1] The main village is Jerili.

Mount Serua is a Stratovolcano on Serua Island. Its last eruption was in 1921.[2]

The Serua language is an Austronesian language originally spoken on Serua. The inhabitants were relocated to Seram owing to volcanic activity on Serua.[3]

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Coordinates: 6°18′S 130°0′E / 6.300°S 130.000°E / -6.300; 130.000

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