Seninle Bir Dakika

Turkey "Seninle Bir Dakika"
Eurovision Song Contest 1975 entry
Kemal Ebcioğlu
Hikmet Münir Ebcioğlu
Timur Selçuk
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"Seninle Bir Dakika" (English: One Minute With You) was the Turkish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 1975, held in Stockholm, Sweden. The song was sung by Semiha Yankı.

The song was performed 13th on 22 March, following Israel's Shlomo Artzi with "At Va'Ani" and preceding Monaco's Sophie Hecquet with "Une chanson c'est une lettre". She received 3 points, placing 19th in a field of 19.

The song later became a big hit, back in Turkey. It is widely believed that the song was unable to present its true potential in Eurovision, as it is a slow song, among a faster rhythm of that year, and most importantly the song was in Turkish, making the power of its lyrics inaccessible to the foreign audience.

In addition to this, although her performance or voice wasn't lacking, it is also claimed that she was running a 104 degree fever.

This was Turkey's first entry to the Eurovision contest.

It was succeeded as Turkish representative at the 1978 Contest by Nilüfer & Nazar with "Sevince".


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