Saint John the Baptist (Alonso Cano)

John the Baptist
Artist Alonzo Cano
Year 1634 (1634)
Catalogue CE1142
Type Sculpture
Medium Polichrome wood
Dimensions 119 cm × 79 cm × 89 cm (47 in × 31 in × 35 in)
Location National Sculpture Museum, Valladolid
Coordinates Coordinates: 41°39′27″N 4°43′25″W / 41.65750°N 4.72361°W / 41.65750; -4.72361
Website National Museum of Sculpture

John the Baptist is a sculpture by the Baroque artist Alonzo Cano, housed in the National Sculpture Museum, Valladolid. The sculpture was made by the artist for the church of San Juan de la Palma, during his Seville period.

In 1634 the Parish of Saint John the Baptist commissioned painter Juan del Castillo and retable joiner Miguel Cano, father of Alonso, a retable to include paintings and the central sculpture of Saint John. It was carved by Alonso Cano inspired by Martínez MontañésSt. John the Baptist from St. Anne’s convent (Seville). The sculpture is characterized by its idealized naturalism.

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