Sabie River

Sabie River
Sabie River east of Skukuza
Name origin: From the word for 'sand' in the Tsonga language[1]
Country South Africa, Mozambique
Province Mpumalanga
Part of Komati River
 - left Sand River
 - right Mac Mac
Marite River
 - location Mount Anderson, Lydenburg, South Africa
 - elevation 1,100 m (3,609 ft)
Mouth Komati River
 - location Maputo Province
 - coordinates 25°19′52″S 32°17′50″E / 25.33111°S 32.29722°E / -25.33111; 32.29722Coordinates: 25°19′52″S 32°17′50″E / 25.33111°S 32.29722°E / -25.33111; 32.29722
 - average 0 m3/s (0 cu ft/s)

The Sabie River[2][3] is a river in South Africa and part of the Komati River System.[4]

The catchment area of the Sabie-Sand system is 6320 km2.[5]

It is one of the most biologically diverse rivers in South Africa, with generally good water quality.[6]


It rises in the Drakensberg, flowing eastwards through Mpumalanga into the lowveld.[7] It crosses the Kruger National Park and flows on to Mozambique[8] where it flows into the large Corumana Dam, about 40 km from Moamba.[9] before it finally joins the Komati. Settlements on its banks include Sabie, Skukuza and Lower Sabie.

Tributaries [10]


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