Rozala of Italy

Rozala of Italy
Countess consort of Flanders
Reign 968–987
Countess regent of Flanders
Reign 987 – c.995
on behalf of Baldwin IV of Flanders
Queen consort to co-king of France
Reign 988–996
Queen consort of France
Reign 996
Born c. 950–60
Died 1003
Spouse Arnulf II of Flanders
Robert II of France
Issue Baldwin IV of Flanders
House House of Ivrea
House of Flanders by marriage
House of Capet by marriage
Father Berengar II of Italy
Mother Willa of Tuscany

Rozala of Italy (also known as Rozala of Lombardy, Rozala of Ivrea or Susanna of Ivrea; c.950–960 1003) was a Countess of Flanders and Queen consort of the Franks. She was regent of Flanders in 987-988 during the minority of her son.


Rozala (Susanna), born sometime between 950–960, was the daughter of King Berengar of Ivrea, King of Italy (c. 900 – 966).[1] Her mother was Willa of Tuscany, the daughter of Boso, Margrave of Tuscany and his wife Willa.[2] In 968 she married Arnulf II, Count of Flanders (d. 987).[1][3] On her husband's death, she acted as regent for her young son.

On c.1 April 988 she married secondly the much younger Robert the Pious (972–1031), the Rex Filius of France; the marriage had been arranged by his father Hugh Capet.[4][3] According to disputed account she brought her husband Montreuil[3] and Ponthieu as a dowry, other assert that she was berieved her right to that territory. Upon her marriage, she took the name of Susannah, and was the queen consort of the co-ruling king Robert, under senior King Hugh. From 991/992 the couple lived basically separated as Rozala had become too old[3] (c. 38) to have more children and they lacked marital happiness.

When her father-in-law died in 996, however, Robert repudiated her completely, desiring to marry Bertha of Burgundy in her place.[5] That marriage was not lawful because of too close kinship so Robert married a third time 1003 with Constance of Arles who bore him seven children.

Rozala retired back to Flanders, where she died and was buried. Robert retained control of her "dowry",[3] or the rights to the mentioned territory.


Rosala was firstly (968–987) married to Arnulf II, Count of Flanders. They had the following children:

The second marriage (988–996) with Robert II of France did not produce any children.


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