Matilda of Frisia

Matilda of Frisia
Queen consort of the Franks
Tenure 1034 – 1044
Died 1044 (aged 1920)
Burial Basilica of St Denis
Spouse Henry I of France[1]
Issue Daughter (died young)
House Brunonids
Father Liudolf, Margrave of Frisia?
Mother Gertrude of Egisheim?

Matilda of Frisia (died in 1044) was the first queen[2] of Henry I, King of the Franks.[3][4] Her date of birth is unknown.

She was presumably the daughter of Liudolf, Margrave of Frisia, and Gertrude of Egisheim.[5] This ancestry is not confirmed by historical sources but can be reconstructed from multiple records mentioning Matilda as neptis (Latin: granddaughter) of Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor; the latter being a half-brother of Liudolf and therefore her uncle. In this case, her maternal ancestry would also make her a niece of Bishop Bruno of Egisheim-Dagsburg, who was elected Pope Leo IX in 1049.

Matilda and Henry were married in 1034 after the death of his fiancée Matilda of Franconia.

Around 1040, Matilda of Frisia gave birth to a daughter, but both mother and daughter died shortly after each other in 1044. Matilda was buried in St Denis Abbey, but her tomb is not preserved.

Henry married Anne of Kiev after her death.[4]

Proposed ancestry

Brun I, Count of Brunswick
Gisela of Swabia
Conrad II, Holy Roman Emperor
Gertrude of Egisheim
Liudolf, Margrave of Frisia
Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor
Matilda of Franconia
Henry I
King of the Franks


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French royalty
Preceded by
Constance of Arles
Queen consort of France
Succeeded by
Anne of Kiev
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