Route 8 (Paraguay)

National Route 8 shield

National Route 8
Ruta Nacional Número 8
Dr. Blas Garay
Route information
Length: 320 km (200 mi)
Major junctions
North end: San Estanislao

Route 3 in San Estanislao, SP
Route 2 and Route 7 in Coronel Oviedo, CG

Route 1 in Coronel Bogado, IT
South end: Coronel Bogado
Highway system
Paraguay National Routes

National Route 8 (officially, Ruta Nacional Número 8 "Dr. Blas Garay", simply known as Ruta Ocho) is a highway in Paraguay, which runs from San Estanislao to Coronel Bogado. It mainly connects the north and the south regions of the Oriental Region of Paraguay. It crosses five departments and has a total length of 320 km.

Distances, cities and towns

The following table shows the distances traversed by National Route 8 in each different department, showing cities and towns that it passes by (or near).

Km City Department Junctions
0 San Estanislao San Pedro Route 3 and Route 10
20 Yataity del Norte San Pedro
35 Santa Rosa del Mbutuy Caaguazú
44 Simón Bolívar Caaguazú
62 Carayaó Caaguazú
91 Coronel Oviedo Caaguazú Route 2 and Route 7
119 Yataity del Guairá Guairá
126 Mbocayaty Guairá
133 Villarrica Guairá
158 Ñumí Guairá
187 Caazapá Caazapá
248 Yuty Caazapá
263 Leandro Oviedo Itapúa
278 San Pedro del Paraná Itapúa
298 General Artigas Itapúa
320 Coronel Bogado Itapúa Route 1
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