Departments of Paraguay

Capital District and Departments of Paraguay
Distrito Capital y los Departamentos de Paraguay (Spanish)
Category Unitary State
Location Republic of Paraguay
Number 17 Departments
1 Capital District
Populations Departments only: 15,008 (Alto Paraguay) – 1,929,834 (Central)
Areas Departments only: 14,670 km2 (5,663 sq mi) (Canindeyú) – 91,670 km2 (35,394 sq mi) (Boquerón)
Government Department government, National government
Subdivisions Districts
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Paraguay consists of 17 departments (Spanish: departamentos; singular – departamento) and one capital district (distrito capital).

The country is divided into two regions: The "Occidental Region" or Chaco (Boquerón, Alto Paraguay and Presidente Hayes), and the "Oriental Region" (other departments and the capital district).

ISO 3166-2:PY Department Capital Population (2002 census) Area (km²) Districts
ASU Distrito Capital Asunción 512,1121176
1 Concepción Concepción179,45018,05111
2 San Pedro San Pedro318,69820,00220
3 Cordillera Caacupé233,8544,94820
4 Guairá Villarrica178,6503,84618
5 Caaguazú Coronel Oviedo435,35711,47423
6 Caazapá Caazapá139,5179,49611
7 Itapúa Encarnación453,69216,52530
8 Misiones San Juan Bautista101,7839,55610
9 Paraguarí Paraguarí221,9328,70517
10 Alto Paraná Ciudad del Este558,67214,89522
11 Central Areguá1,362,8932,46519
12 Ñeembucú Pilar76,34812,14716
13 Amambay Pedro Juan Caballero114,91712,9335
14 Canindeyú Salto del Guairá140,13714,66713
15 Presidente Hayes Villa Hayes82,49372,9079
16 Alto Paraguay Fuerte Olimpo11,58782,3495
17 Boquerón Filadelfia41,10691,6696
- Paraguay Asunción5,163,198406,752261

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