Richard Vinen

Richard Charles Vinen is a British professor of history at King's College London. Vinen is a specialist in European twentieth century history, particularly Great Britain and France.[1] He was born in Birmingham and lived on a road in the Bourneville Estate. His father was a professor of physics. Vinen attended Trinity College, Cambridge. Later he moved to London where he and his wife lived in a succession of "amusingly louche" locations early in his career. He has written that "the Serious Crime Squad once installed a camera in our bedroom so that they could keep an eye on one of our neighbours."[2] His first academic post was at Queen Mary College (now Queen Mary University of London) and he joined King's in 1991.

Vinen's latest book National Service: Conscription in Britain, 1945–1963 (2014) received generally positive reviews.[3][4] On 13 May 2015, he was presented with a Wolfson History Prize and Templer Medal for it.[5]

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