Frances Donaldson, Baroness Donaldson of Kingsbridge

Frances Annesley (née Lonsdale) (1907–1994), formally known as Lady Donaldson of Kingsbridge, was a British writer and biographer.

Her father was the playwright Freddie Lonsdale. She married John George Stuart Donaldson, Baron Donaldson of Kingsbridge (known as Jack) in 1935. Her body of work included topics such as farming and biographies on writers Evelyn Waugh and P. G. Wodehouse.

During the Second World War she took up farming and made a great success of it, producing record crop and milk yields. She was invited to broadcast in wartime and wrote several books about her experiences.


Portraits of Lady Donaldson

The United Kingdom's National Portrait Gallery holds two portraits featuring Lady Donaldson as a sitter:


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