Reinbern (-1013/15) was the only bishop of the short-lived Diocese of Kolberg) (1000-~1007).

Reinbern was born in the Hassegau area of the medieval Duchy of Saxony.[1] When Holy Roman Emperor Otto III met with his friend, the Polish duke Boleslaw I in the Congress of Gniezno (Gnesen), the Archbishopric of Gniezno was founded.[2][3] One of Gniezno's subordinated bishoprics was the Diocese of Kołobrzeg.,[2][3][4] Its purpose was to advance the Christianization of the pagan Pomeranians that shortly before had been subdued by the Poles. Reinbern was made bishop.[3][4] It is documented that he "baptized" the Baltic Sea by spilling Holy Oil and Holy Water into the sea. He also demolished shrines of pagan gods in Pomerania.[1][4] Yet, after his bishopric was driven out during a pagan uprising, he returned to Boleslaw's court. In 1009, he accompanied Boleslaw to the marriage arranged between Boleslaw's daughter and Sviatopolk, prince of Turov (Turaŭ) in the Kievan Rus',[5] where an internal Kievian crisis involving Boleslaw's daughter led to the arrest of Reinbern by prince Vladimir.[4] Soon afterwards, he died imprisoned in 1012.[4][5]


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