Região de Coimbra

The Comunidade Intermunicipal da Região de Coimbra is an administrative division in Portugal. It was created in October 2013,[1] replacing the previously existing Greater Metropolitan Area of Coimbra. The main city and seat of the intermunicipal community is Coimbra. The intermunicipal community of Região de Coimbra consists of 19 municipalities:[2]

Municipality Population (2011)[3] Area (km²)[4] NUTS III region
Cantanhede36,595390.88Baixo Mondego
Coimbra143,396319.40Baixo Mondego
Condeixa-a-Nova17,078138.67Baixo Mondego
Figueira da Foz62,125379.05Baixo Mondego
Mira12,465124.03Baixo Mondego
Montemor-o-Velho26,171228.96Baixo Mondego
Penacova15,251216.73Baixo Mondego
Soure19,245265.06Baixo Mondego
Mealhada20,428110.66Baixo Vouga
Arganil12,145332.84Pinhal Interior Norte
Góis4,260263.30Pinhal Interior Norte
Lousã17,604138.40Pinhal Interior Norte
Miranda do Corvo13,098126.38Pinhal Interior Norte
Oliveira do Hospital20,855234.52Pinhal Interior Norte
Pampilhosa da Serra4,481396.46Pinhal Interior Norte
Penela5,983134.80Pinhal Interior Norte
Tábua12,071199.79Pinhal Interior Norte
Vila Nova de Poiares7,28184.45Pinhal Interior Norte

The territory of the Região de Coimbra equals that of the former Coimbra District, enlarged with the municipalities Mealhada and Mortágua.


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Coordinates: 40°13′N 8°25′W / 40.21°N 8.42°W / 40.21; -8.42

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