Publius Septimius Geta (father of Septimius Severus)

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Publius Septimius Geta (fl. 2nd century, c. 110 – c. 172)[1] was the father of Lucius Septimius Severus, father-in-law of the Roman empress Julia Domna and the paternal grandfather of Roman emperors Caracalla and Geta. His name was found as an inscription in Cirta, Africa.

Geta was of Libyco-Berber origin. His ancestry had been based in Leptis Magna (East of Tripoli, Africa, modern Libya, North Africa). His Gens Septimia was originally a Plebeian one. His family were local, wealthy and distinguished in Leptis Magna.

Geta's father Lucius Septimius Severus (c. 70 – aft. 110) was a Roman Eques, who may have been the wealthy equestrian that is highly commemorated by the Flavian dynasty poet Statius. Geta's mother Vitoria, born c. 85, was a daughter of Marcus Vitorius Marcellus (c. 60 – aft. 105), Consul Suffectus in 105, and wife Hosidia, born c. 65 and daughter of Gaius or Gnaeus Hosidius Geta. Geta's paternal grandparents were Marcus Septimius Aper, born c. 35, and wife Octavia. He also had a sister named Septimia Polla, born c. 110.

Geta had two cousins, both brothers, sons of a Septimius, who served as Consuls under Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius. One was Gaius Septimius Severus, Consul Suffectus in July 160 and Governor of Numidia in 173-174 and then again in 177. The other was Publius Septimius Aper, who served as Consul Suffectus in July 153 and was the father of Publius Septimius Aper and grandfather of Lucius Septimius Aper, Consul Suffectus in 160. Another relative of his, Lucius Septimius F... was Consul Suffectus in 183. Another of his relatives, probably a grandson of Publius Septimius Aper, was Gaius Septimius Severus Aper, Consul Ordinarius in 207, who died in 212. Yet another relative of his was Septimius Bassus. He might also have been related to Tertullian.

Geta seems to have held no major political status.

He married Fulvia Pia (c. 125 – bef. 198), a woman of Roman descent belonging to the gens Fulvia, an Italian patrician family that originated in Tusculum,[2] daughter of Fulvius Pius, born c. 100, and wife Plautia Octavilla, born c. 110, and aunt of Gaius Fulvius Plautianus. Her paternal grandfather was Fulvius Pius, born c. 100, son of Fulvius Pius, born c. 70, grandson of Fulvius, born c. 40, great-grandson of Fulvius, born c. 10, and great-great-grandson of Marcus Fulvius Saturnius (c. 20 BC – aft. 25), a Nobleman in Leptis Magna. Her paternal grandmother was Plautia Octavilla, born c. 110, daughter of Lucius Plautius Octavianus (c. 90 – aft. 150), a Nobleman in Leptis Magna c. 150, and wife Aquilia Blaesilla, born c. 190, in turn daughter of Gaius Aquilius Postumus, born c. 55, and wife Hateria, born c. 70.

Geta and Pia had three children, a son Lucius Septimius Severus, another son a younger Publius Septimius Geta and a daughter Septimia Octavilla.


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