Prior of Pluscarden

The Prior of Pluscarden (later Commendator of Pluscarden) was the head of the monastic community and lands of Pluscarden Priory, Moray, Scotland. The Priory was founded in 1230 by King Alexander II of Scotland for the Valliscaulian Order. In March 1454 it incorporated the foundering neighbouring establishment of Urquhart Priory and became a dependency of Dunfermline Abbey, whence it became Benedictine. The following are a list of abbots and commendators:

List of priors

List of prior-commendators


  1. Became Prior of Newbattle and then Abbot of Kinloss.
  2. Provided to be Abbot of Deer, but unsuccessfully.
  3. Cleric of the Diocese of Moray; later became a famous Bishop of Aberdeen.
  4. Was appointed to succeed Gavin Dunbar as Bishop of Aberdeen, but predeceased him.
  5. Priory became a free barony for Alexander Seton.


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