President of the Gaelic Athletic Association

The role of President of Gaelic Athletic Association has existed since the foundation of the GAA. The President of the GAA is one of the leading figures in civil society in Ireland, as the Association has around one million members and is present in every parish in the country. The role of President involves representing the GAA in Ireland and across the world. Former presidents of the GAA have a key role within the GAA, sitting on the motions committee which rules if motions to the annual Congress are in order.

The current President is Aogan O' Fearghail, installed in February 2015 succeeding Liam O'Neill. The President travels across Ireland and the world to promote the organisation and attend games; former President Nickey Brennan travelled 160,000 miles in Ireland alone during his three years as President, and visited Great Britain, Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and the Middle East on several occasions, meeting dignitaries such as New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg along the way.[1]

Presidents of the Gaelic Athletic Association


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