Séamus McFerran

Séamus McFerran (10 January 1916 31 August 1968), was the 18th president of the Gaelic Athletic Association (19551958).[1]

McFerran born in Belfast,[2] was elected chairman on the Antrim County Board in 1944,[1] and was the Antrim delegate to the Ulster Council for several years,[1] and was chairman of the Ulster Council from 1949 to 1951.[3]

McFerran was a co-founding member of the Geraldines GAA club in Belfast.[2]

During his presidency, he opened Pearse Stadium on 16 June 1957.[4][5] Known for his love of singing, he was a member of a Belfast choir that won the Welsh Festival competition, and toured America twice.[2]

The Séamus McFerran Cup, given to the winners of the Ulster Senior Club Football Championship was donated by the Ulster Council in his memory in 1968.[6]

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