Pinhal Litoral

Map showing the location of the Pinhal Litoral subregion

Pinhal Litoral is an NUTS3 subregion of Portugal integrating the Centro Region. It covers an area of 1,741 km², a population of 261,665 (as of 2005) and a density of 150 hab./km². It has a diversified economic activity, mainly glass, plastics, wood and agriculture.

Cities and towns

The main city is Leiria (pop.50,176 ;{63,000 in urban area}. Other cities are Marinha Grande (29,000) and Pombal (18,000).


It covers 5 municipalities:

Coordinates: 39°46′N 8°53′W / 39.767°N 8.883°W / 39.767; -8.883

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