Para (currency)

50 para of 1965

The para (Cyrillic: пара, from Turkish para, from Persian pārah, "piece" [1][2]) was a former currency of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey, Montenegro, Albania and Yugoslavia and is the current subunit, although rarely used, of the Serbian dinar.

As a former Ottoman and Turkish currency, it was 1/40 of a kuruş, which was, in turn, 1/100 of a Turkish lira. It was also earlier 3 akçe The modern Turkish lira is only divided into kuruş. In Serbia, the para has been the subunit of the dinar since the 19th century. The Montenegrin perper was subdivided into 100 pare during its brief existence between 1906 and 1918. In Albania, the para was used as a currency before the introduction of the Albanian lek in 1926.

In Albanian, Greek, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Romanian, Serbian and Turkish, para or its plural παράδες, pari, pare, parale, parai, paraja or paralar is a generic term for "money".


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