Pè a Corsica

Pè a Corsica
For Corsica
Leader Gilles Simeoni
Headquarters Corsica
Ideology Corsican nationalism
Political position Centre-left
Corsican Assembly
24 / 51

Pè a Corsica is a Corsican nationalist political party in France, which calls for more autonomy for Corsica. More specifically, it is a coalition[1] (led by the autonomist Gilles Simeoni[2][3]) of the two Corsican nationalist parties active on the island;[4] that is, the autonomist Femu a Corsica and the separatist Corsica Libera (which won respectively 17,62% and 7,73% of the vote in the first round of the 2015 French regional elections.[5] The party is led by the autonomist Gilles Simeoni.[2][3]


Corsican nationalism has calls for the island's autonomy. This follows the history of Corsica and the French conquest of Corsica. The 2003 Corsican referendum on increased devolution failed by a narrow majority. There have also been many bombings claimed by the FLNC (stopped in 2014). Corsican is also labeled as a "definitely endangered language" by UNESCO. By 2012, polls showed more support for increased devolution within France (51%)[6] than for outright independence (stuck at 10-15%).[7]

Electoral performance

In the December French regional elections, 2015 in Corsica, Pè a Corsica won 24 of 51 seats. Mayor of Bastia Gilles Simeoni won the election with 35.34% of the vote. Jean-Guy Talamoni, leader of Corsica Libera, said: "It’s been a 40-year-long march to arrive here. Corsica is not just a French administrative constituency – it’s a country, a nation, a people."[8]


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