Osamu Dezaki

Osamu Dezaki
Born (1943-11-18)November 18, 1943
Died April 17, 2011(2011-04-17) (aged 67)
Cause of death Lung cancer
Occupation film director, screenwriter
Years active 1968-2011

Osamu Dezaki (出﨑 統 Dezaki Osamu, November 18, 1943 – April 17, 2011[1]), also known as Makura Saki (崎 枕, さきまくら Saki Makura), 斉九洋, Matsudo Kan (松戸 完 Matsudo Kan) or Yabuki Toru (矢吹 徹 Yabuki Toru), was a Japanese anime director, born on November 18, 1943 in Shinagawa, Tokyo.[2][3]


Dezaki started out as a manga artist while still in high school. In 1963 he joined Mushi Production, which was founded by manga and anime pioneer Osamu Tezuka. His made his debut as a director in 1970 with Ashita no Joe.[3]

Dezaki was known for his distinct visual style, which makes use of split screen, stark lighting, extensive use of dutch angle, and pastel freeze frames that he called "postcard memories", which may be his most famous trademark. They feature a process whereby the screen fades into a detailed "painting" of the simpler original animation. Many of his techniques became popular and came to be seen as special techniques of Japanese animation. He particularly influenced Yoshiaki Kawajiri,[4] Yoshiyuki Tomino,[5] Ryūtarō Nakamura, Noriyuki Abe, Kunihiko Ikuhara,[6] Akiyuki Shinbo,[7] and Yutaka Yamamoto.[7]


Desaki was known to be a notorious chain smoker, and as a result, he died from lung cancer on April 17, 2011, at the age of 67.[8]

Personal life

His older brother, Satoshi Dezaki, is also an anime director.


Television series

Title Position Year
Astro Boy Animator and Episode Director 1963-1966
悟空の大冒険, Goku no Dai-bouken / Great adventure of Goku (Based on Hsi Yu Chi) Episode Director 1967
わんぱく探偵団, Wanpaku Tanteidan / Naughty Detective Corps Episode Director 1968
Dororo Episode Director 1969
Ashita no Joe Director, Screenplay, and Episode Director 1970-1971
Lupin the 3rd Storyboard Artist (episodes 7, 13, and 17) 1971-1972
Jungle Kurobe Director 1973
Aim for the Ace! / Ace o Nerae! Director 1973-1974
First Human Giatrus, (Hajime Ningen Gyatoruz / Giatrus, The Dawn of Mankind) Director 1974-1976
Ganba no Bōken (ガンバの冒険 Adventures of Ganba) Director and Episode Director 1975
Ganso Tensai Bakabon Episode Director 1975-1977
Ie Naki Ko / Nobody's Child (based on Hector Malot's novel, Sans Famille)/ Nobody's Boy Director and Episode Director 1977-1978
Takarajima (based on Robert Louis Stevenson's novel: Treasure Island) Director 1978-1979
The Rose of Versailles Director (from episode 19 onward) 1979-1980
Tomorrow's Joe 2 Director 1980-1981
Space Adventure Cobra Director (with Yoshio Takeuchi) 1982-1983
Rainbow Brite Joint Director 1984
The Mighty Orbots Director 1984
Bionic Six Director 1987
Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light Creative Consultant 1987
Oniisama e Director 1991-1992
In the Beginning: The Bible Stories Director 1997
Hakugei: Legend of the Moby Dick (Based on Moby-Dick by Herman Melville) Director 1997-1999
The Snow Queen (Based on The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen) Director and Storyboard Artist 2005-2006
Ultraviolet: Code 044 Director, Screenplay, and Storyboard Artist 2008
Genji Monogatari Sennenki (Based on Genji Monogatari by Murasaki Shikibu) Director and Screenplay 2009

Television specials

Title Position Year
Frosty the Snowman Animation Director December 7, 1969
Sweet Sea Director September 1985
Botchan Supervisor June 13, 1989
Lupin III: Bye-Bye Liberty Crisis Director April 1, 1989
Lupin III: Mystery of the Hemingway Papers Director July 20, 1990
Lupin III: Steal Napoleon's Dictionary! Director August 9, 1991
Lupin III: From Russia With Love Director July 24, 1992
Lupin III: The Pursuit of Harimao's Treasure Director August 4, 1995
Koushi-den (孔子傳) (Confucius tradition) Director October 15, 1995

Original video animations

Title Position Year
Aim for the Ace! 2 / Ace o Nerae! 2 Total Supervisor and Storyboard Artist 1988
One Pound Gospel Director 1988
Sinter Starlit Night Music Director 1989
Aim for the Ace! / Ace o Nerae! Final Stage Director 1989-1990
B.B. Director 1990-1991
Syura-no-suke Zan-ma-ken・Shirenmon no Otoko Director 1990
Sohryuden: Legend of the Dragon Kings Director 1991-1993
Treasure Island (Takarajima) Memorial, The man who was called an "evening calm" Director 1992
Black Jack Director 1993-2000
Golgo 13 : Queen Bee Director 1998


Title Position Year
A Thousand & One Nights Animator 1969
Belladonna Key Animator 1973
Aim for the Ace! The Movie: Jump High, Hiromi! Director 1979
Tomorrow's Joe: The Movie Director 1980
Nobody's Child/Ie Naki Ko: The Movie Director 1980
Tomorrow's Joe: The Movie 2 Director 1981
Space Adventure Cobra Director 1982
Golgo 13: The Professional Director 1983
冒険者たち ガンバと7匹のなかま Bōkensya-tachi Ganba to 7hiki no Nakama / Venturers "Gamba and seven friends" (Ganba no Bōken: The Movie) Director 1984
Treasure Island (Takarajima): The Movie Director 1987
Black Jack: The Movie Director 1996
Hamtaro: The Movie 1, 2, 3, and 4 Director 2001-2004
Air Director 2005
Clannad Director 2007


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